Friday, August 4, 2017


University of Guelph, Canada:
Using cutting-edge DNA-based technology, University of Guelph researchers have conducted the first-ever Canadian study examining sausage mislabeling. 
The researchers found mislabeling and cross-species contamination of meat ingredients in 20 per cent of the sausage samples selected from grocery stores across the country. 
"This study now provides us with a baseline that we can use when working with meat processors to help ensure we have a high quality and transparent food supply," said Prof. Robert Hanner, who worked on the study with a team of researchers. 
Published this week in Food Control, the study revealed a majority of the mislabeling occurred with sausage meat that was substituted with another type of meat. Some sausages labeled as beef also contained pork. Others labeled as chicken also contained turkey and one pork sausage sample contained horsemeat.